Burning of the Palms Liturgy at St. Liborius

On Friday the St. Liborius community gathered together for the burning of the palms.
This is a very old and important event if the preparation for the coming Liturgical Season of Lent.

Palms remaining from Palm Sunday the previous year are burnt, the Ash collected and this is worn on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday – the Holy Day that marks the beginning of Lent.

Sandhurst Languages Film Festival

Students in Years three – six have spent the past two terms creating short films as part of our Languages program.
One film was submitted into the Sandhurst Languages Film Festival and was awarded equal runner up.
We are very proud our future movie stars!

The short film, which tells the story of an Australian girl moving to a new school in Italy, being led astray due to her lack of knowing how to speak Italian, then redeeming herself through hard work learning the language.

The Jacob Holden Memorial Cup, 2019.

The Jacob Holden Memorial Cup was held at St. Liborius on September 18th.
A large crowd turned out to witness first year coach Jake Mackinnon upset long standing winning coach Vincent Ryan.
Thanks to all who attended this most important event on our calendar.

St. Liborius Production 2019

It’s full steam ahead for the 2019 St. Liborius Production “We are Monsters.”

Tickets are available at the office for the two performances on Tuesday 17th September at 2.00 PM and 6.30 PM.
Meet some of the cast in the clip below.
We are so proud of the students and staff for all their hard work.

Founders Day 2019

On August 8th, St. Liborius gathered to celebrate Mass and participate in activities that explored the charism of our founders.
A rewarding and enjoyable day for all.

Book Week 2019

A big thank you to parents, guardians al all who attended the Book Week costume Parade Wednesday morning.
An especially big thank you for all the students and helpers who created such interesting costumes.