About Us

St Liborius Catholic Primary School services the educational needs of families within Eaglehawk and surrounding areas.

St. Liborius’ School was founded in 1904. Until 1919 the School was staffed by the Sisters of Mercy, followed by the Sisters of St. Joseph until 1978. Their charism and commitment to providing a rich Religious and Academic education permeates St. Liborius to this day.

We are committed to implementing innovative and contemporary learning programs to ensure students are well equipped to become effective learners, able to work co-operatively with others and to live effectively in a changing world.

We believe the pedagogical theory of the Walker Learning Approach provides a developmentally appropriate approach to the individuals learning and understand the importance of providing students with a supportive learning environment.

We strive to inspire a sense of hope in each student by being a positive and caring place where children are happy and secure in their learning.

We seek to develop positive relationships within the school through specific programs to ensure that students are safe, happy and balanced in the social context of their schooling.

We look forward to Parents and Guardians becoming active participants in their child’s learning and school life.