Behaviour Management

Positive and responsible student behaviour is essential to the smooth running of the school, to the achievement of optimal learning opportunities, and to the development of a supportive and cooperative school environment.
Vision Statement
Corporal punishment is not permitted at St Liborius
We believe in the value of each person as a gift from God to be respected, celebrated, nurtured as individuals and supported in their achievements.We believe our school creates a sense of hope by being a positive and child safe place where children are happy and secure in their learning and development.
●  To build a school environment based on positive behaviour, mutual respect and cooperation.
●  To manage behaviour in a positive and professional manner.
●  To establish appropriate consequences for student behaviour.
●  Our school will develop a student infraction flowchart, which outlines amongst other things, agreed behavioural development and management strategies.
●  Our behaviour expectations will place significant emphasis on the development and recognition of positive behaviours.
●  Student individual academic reports will include details regarding student behavioural achievement.
●  Peer mediation and peer counselling will be key strategies employed to guide and develop student behaviour.
●  Each class will develop a Class Charter outlining how we wish to feel when at school.
●  We will provide a wide range of positive extra-curricula activities for students including sporting, theatrical, leadership, community service and appropriate leisure pursuits.
●  Positive student behavioural achievement will be appropriately recognised.
●  An up-to-date database of student behaviour will be maintained.
●  All staff will undertake professional development on student behaviour and discipline management.
●  The school curriculum will include units on resilience, peer pressure, positive choices, bullying, conflict resolution and leadership.
●  Students experiencing difficulty achieving positive behavioural outcomes will undertake individualised behaviour management plans. Staff are informed of these plans.
●  Ongoing inappropriate behaviour will involve consequences including counselling, withdrawal, loss of privileges or suspension.
●  Parents will be kept informed, and actively encouraged to assist in the development of their children’s behavioural choices.
Procedures to follow:
Follow the Behaviour Infraction flow chart.
Complete behaviour tracking on SIMON (School intranet).
Ensure communication with classroom teacher.
Inform parents/guardian where appropriate.
Follow up with consequences and support.