Milo the Monkey Party

Today our Foundation classes celebrated a Milo the Monkey party. This is an integral part of their learning in the first Semester as they use this program to develop letter and sound recognition.
A very happy bunch of students as they danced and played games with Milo!

Educational Research Projects, Term 2, 2023

Today the students showcased their Educational Research Projects (ERP’s) to the school community.

These are a celebration of a combination of their interests and the focus for the term.
This term they presented their interests with a geography focus.
Thanks everyone for joining us in celebrating the students’ work.

Cultural Day at St. Liborius

The students gathered in multi-age groups and enjoyed a variety of activities celebrating cultural diversity.
Students enjoyed playing indigenous games, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities focused on issues face in other countries and being immersed in activities and information related to different cultural groups in our community.
Thanks to all who assisted in this celebration of our community.


2022 Annual Report


Muffins for Mums

We invited our Mums and important people in our students’ lives to come and join us for a muffin and coffee.
A wonderful gathering for our community and Frank and Caitlyn excelled as resident baristas!
Thanks everyone for joining us today and thanks staff for all the help.

Production rehearsal – Frozen

This year’s production is ‘Frozen.’
Our Arts team, led by Claire, has had an extremely busy day with all students involved in rehearsing their parts.
Looking forward to what will be a brilliant showcase of the students and teacher’s talents.

Fire Carriers inducted into their leadership role.

Yesterday our fire carriers were inducted into their role with the assistance of Michael Chisolm from the Catholic Education OFffice, Sandhurst.
Michael is a senior Education Officer working with indigenous perspectices.
Each student will now carrry out the important role of being a fire carrier for our commmunity.
To be a FIRE Carrier is to exercise an important leadership role in the school community. FIRE carriers are students and teachers that share a passion for learning about Aboriginal culture and history and are committed to sharing this knowledge and promoting reconciliation within and beyond the school community.

Cross Country 2023

The St. Lib’s community gathered for our school based cross country event, with students in each level competing over various distances.
It was wonderful to have so many family members come along and enjoy the day.
Luckily the rain didn’t interfere with such a wonderful day.
Thankyou to all those who supported, helped and an especially big thankyou to the competitors. Great work!

Term one Educational Research Projects

Students in years three-six presented their Educational Research Projects – ERP’s – to the community this morning.
These projects involve the students focussing on an interest and identifying how an aspect of their topic relates to the Learning intentions focussed on for the term. Students present their work as an ongoing task – learning never ends!